Two Girls Seek Adventure In A Forest

Two Girls Seek Adventure In A Forest

Work can get very stressful when you run your own business. They tell you that when you start out, you don’t actually believe them thinking that they are just trying to stifle your dreams. Unfortunately, they aren’t lying. This will be the three week in a row that I haven’t taken a day off. But that’s neither here nor there. I knew that running my own business would be tough, but I’m happy to do it. A knock at my office door startles out of my train of thought and I look up from the stack of paper I’d been rearranging for the past 15 minutes. As I stare at the man in front of me I am surprised at my attraction towards him. He’s my new hire, in charge of making sure everything is done on time, and ensuring every job is done is up to standard. I try and keep my mind professional but all I can think about while staring into his dark eyes is what they’d look like while he fucked me on my desk. Flustered, I adjust my glasses and try to recover from my very unprofessional thoughts. “Yes. how can I help you. Andy?” I speak clearly while standing up and walking around to the front of my desk taking a seat on the ledge crossing my arms over my chest. All the while I can feel his eyes raking over my body, leaving a trail of fire wherever they wondered. I briefly let my eyes wonder down to his perfect body, suddenly hyper aware of my overly curvy body and flushed cheeks. “I just had a quick question….” he trails off shutting the door behind him, locking it. I bite my lip, all of sudden very nervous. “Oh? And what might that be?” I reply trying to keep my tone casual as Andy stalks towards me, stopping once he is standing before me. My breath catches in the back of my throat as I take in his scent. The musky scent driving me wild, as if being able to feel his heat wasn’t enough. I finally raise my eyes to look at his face and find a look of barely cloaked desire. “I was wondering,” he leans in so his lips are pressing against my temple “if I could help you relax. You’re a very hard-working woman who deserves to unwind. And at risk of being too forward, I would like to provide you with that release,” he finishes. I sit stunned biting my lip feeling my chest flush slightly. “Andy, are you asking for permission to have sex with me?” I speak as clearly as I can with arousal threatening to take over. “Yes. Yes I am. Is that wrong?” he inquires looking at me through hooded eyes. “It’s very wrong,” I lick my lips and continue. “But it’s only wrong if we get caug..”. Before I have the chance to finish, his lips are against mine. I moan against the sudden contact pulling him closer, kissing him back hard. My lips part as his tongue slides against my bottom lip, almost as if he was unsure this was actually happening. I feel arousal take over as I let his hands roam over my body, my panties soaking wet already. With a slightly shaky hand I reach down and brush my fingers across his growing bulge. “When you interviewed me, the only thing I could think about was bending you over your desk and fucking you mercilessly,” he breathes against my lips. I moan softly stroking his now rock-hard cock through his pants. “Oh? Is that so?” I mutter remembering back to the day of his interview. “I almost didn’t hire you because of my sexual attraction towards you.” “Really now?” he grins slipping his hand up my skirt, playfully slipping his fingers under the hem. “So you won’t mind if I do this?” He pushes my skirt all the way up revealing my soaking wet black lace panties. He pushes them aside without a word, gently toying with my wet lips before easily sliding two fingers inside. I cry out in pure pleasure rolling my hips against his touch. “No, I don't think I do,” I moan biting my bottom lip, loving the feeling of his fingers inside me. He pushes my head back slightly leaning in, latching on to my neck roughly causing me to cry out. “Oh, you like that?” He questions slipping a third finger inside me. “You’re such a good little slut.” I gasp excitement rolling through my body at the mention that I was a slut. I'm a slut for this man, a dirty little slut. I spread my legs a little further apart, letting him have better access to my arousal. “Yes,” I finally answer after breathing the word a few times. He suddenly jerks away from me. “Get up,” he orders in a growl as he steps away. I straighten myself up and he grabs my shoulders and pushes me down to my knees. “I want you to show me how badly you want me to fuck you. Convince me to fuck a little whore like you.” Without missing a beat I reach up and unzip his jeans, revealing his cock straining against his thin boxers. I expose his cock and moan in the back of my throat as I take in the form of his hard dick. I lick my lips and lean forward running my tongue across the head of his sexy manhood. I hear him sigh out. I grin pleased with myself before slowly working my tongue up and down his length. He moans a little louder while clasping the back of my head, gently guiding my mouth down on his cock, getting rougher and rougher with each stroke. Without warning he pulls out of my mouth and jerks me up right and wraps his strong hand around my neck, squeezing the tender flesh roughly. “Not good enough, slut,” he whispers hastily tugging on my blouse, ripping the buttons off exposing my modest chest and soft white stomach. I feel my wetness creep down my thighs as I notice the way he is staring hungrily at my fleshy body. He spins me around, ripping my blouse off my back, roughly tugging my bra open sliding it down my arms before tightly gripping my small breasts in his strong hands. I groan as I feel his hard member against my generous ass. “Do you want me to bend over my desk
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?” I question timidly, my voice small as I get even wetter. “Yes I do,” he speaks out. I cry out as he pushes me down over my desk ripping down my skirt, followed by my panties. He then inserts three fingers deep inside my pussy, fingering me hard and fast, making me scream out his name and thrust back against his fingers. My knees nearly give out as he curls his finger to rub against my g-spot. “I-I-I’m cumming,” I manage to stammer. Just as I’m about to climax, he rips his fingers away and slaps my ass hard. Once, twice, three times. “You only cum when I say you can, you disobedient cock hungry whore,” He orders angrily, spanking my ass even harder, causing tears to spring to my eyes. Before I have a chance to respond, he shoves his cock deep inside of me, thrusting slowly out, and slamming back inside hard, clutching my hips harshly in his hands as he begins to fuck me roughly. I struggle not to scream out as he pounds my pussy, the last thing I need is for my other employees to know I’m fucking Andy. “Oh fuck,” is all I can bring myself to speak as another orgasm threatens to take over. I sigh out as I tighten up around him, getting ready to cum once again. I hear him chuckle as he slows down and pulls his cock out of me. “You think it’s going to be that easy you eager little slut?” he smirks, flipping me around so I’m facing him. I blush as I look at his face, lust written all over it. He then starts rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy, slipping his head in and out slowly before slamming inside me in one smooth thrust. My scream is muffled as I sink my teeth into his shoulder. I feel him get harder inside me when he is bitten, thrusting even harder and faster. I wrap my legs around his waist as I moan out in pleasure, rocking my hips causing him to moan. My eyes fly open as the realization that he had not put a condom on. “You’re going to pull out, right?” I gasp as I continue to take the pounding he is giving me. He leans into me, kissing and biting at my neck. “Are you on birth control?” he breathes against my neck. I shake my head “no” and I feel his cock jolt. He then begins to thrust even faster, his desire burning my skin causing me to let out a rough cry, raking my nails down his back. “S-so you’re g-going to pull out, right?” I question again, concern filling my voice. “No, I’m not,” he laughs darkly. “I’m going to fill you up.” That’s enough to send me over the edge, I cum on his cock hard, squeezing him tightly. He gasps thrusting harder and faster before thrusting all the way in, groaning as I feel his cock throb inside me. I am pushed over the edge again as I feel his cum shoot inside my unprotected pussy. I lean against his strong frame, gasping, my bangs clinging to my forehead. “Mmm, that felt amazing,” I sigh out, kissing his neck. He cups the back of my head, tipping it up before leaning down crushing his lips against mine. I kiss him back hard, biting his bottom lip hard, heat building up in my chest. He pulls out and begins stroking his cock slowly while kissing me painfully slow, making me want more. “I’m not done with you,” He states. “I want you to walk that sexy ass over there and get down on your hands and knees, and make sure your back is arched for easy penetration.” He steps away from me and I clumsily make my way over to where he indicated, dropping down to my hands and knees, arching my back so my pussy is exposed. “That’s a good slut,” he comments as he drops to his knees behind me. “Have you ever had a cock in your ass?” “No, I-I haven’t” I rasp as I feel the head of his hard cock slide over my tight entrance. “That’s perfect,” I hear him grin. “This is only going to hurt a lot.” Before I can protest he slides his hard cock deep into my ass causing me to scream out in pain. He pauses for a second, almost as if he felt sorry for what he did. But only for a second. He grabs hold of my wide hips slowly working his cock in and out of my tight, aching ass hole. I moan, my pussy throbbing and dripping as he fucks my virgin ass. Soon I find myself thrusting back against him, loving my ass filled. He stops thrusting and I continue to work myself up and down his cock. “That’s it, whore. Fuck your own ass,” he groans out. I push my ass back on him harder and faster. reaching back to spread my ass cheeks further apart, allowing for a harder fuck. “I really like this,” I groan out as I roll my hips rocking back against his cock. He then begins thrusting hard into my ass causing me to cry out loudly, no longer able to keep quiet. With each thrust my screams become louder and louder as he continues to have his way with my now stretched out ass. “I’m going to cum in your ass, slut,” Andy informs me. I reach down and begin to rub my clit as he fucks my ass, bringing myself to a powerful orgasm, clenching his cock hard, causing him to shout as he cums deep inside my ass. I collapse onto the floor, no longer able to hold myself up. I lay there gasping as I try to catch my breath. “You’re really good,” I finally say from where I lay on the ground. He lays down beside me, pulling my body close to his. “I really enjoyed helping you unwind. I want to make this something I can do whenever I want,” he says off-handedly. My eyes widen at his forwardness. “Andy, what is it you’re asking of me?” I mumble. “Oh, I’m not asking, I’m telling. I want to be able to take that body whenever I want it,” he whispers hotly in my ear. “I want you as my personal slut.” I blush once again, my heart jumping to my throat. “I think that can be arranged,” I stammer, nuzzling into his neck. “It wasn’t a question,” is all he says as he rubs my back.

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