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My mom’s family had been coming to our house for the holidays for as long as I could remember. Since we had a small house and she had lots of relatives, we always had some strange sleeping arrangements. When I was smaller I would share a bed with my brother and one of my boy cousins. I didn’t like boys at that age and they hated girls so there was no worry of anything inappropriate going on.I had stayed over at my girlfriend’s house the past few years during the holidays to avoid having to share my bed. But this year she was staying with her boyfriend so it left me with no options other than to share my bed.I knew I wouldn’t be stuck with my brother or any of my male cousins. We were all older now and although related, I didn’t trust them. Neither did my mom. I was anxious to see who my sleeping partner or partners would be this year.“Hey, Molly.”I looked up from my bed and saw a very pretty young girl standing in my doorway.“Hey?”“I’m Emma, your cousin. Your mom said I would be staying with you this week.”Emma wasn’t really my cousin, she had been adopted but everyone considered her part of the family. Her new family had been having issues and they had not been part of our holiday tradition for a few years. The last time I saw her she was a skinny little kid that looked like she needed a bath. Now she was a young woman. Not only was she clean, she was no longer skinny. She had developed into a beautiful young woman.She seemed very timid. I got up from the bed and hugged her.“You sure have changed, Emma. How old are you now?"“Sixteen. My birthday was last month.”Sixteen and her boobs were bigger than mine. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. She sure had turned into a pretty young lady.I cleared out a few drawers for her to put her things in. She seemed very hesitant to touch anything.“My room is your room, Emma. Make yourself at home.”“Thanks,” She just smiled and put her things in the closet.The rest of the day was spent greeting more relatives and making sure everyone had a place to sleep. There were over thirty relatives coming for Christmas. Luckily some of them were staying at a local motel. Our three bedroom house was not big enough for all of them to stay at night.Lots of reminiscing was done around the kitchen table that afternoon. Although it was crowded I did enjoy having all the family there.Mom had been baking all day and the kitchen smelled wonderful. We all sat around the table ate cookies and drank hot chocolate. I noticed Emma didn’t seem to be enjoying herself. She sat off in the corner.I knew mom had said that her family had some very serious issues. She never really told me what they were. Emma’s mom and dad had been divorced for a few years now. She had been passed from relative to relative during all the problems.I walked over to where Emma was sitting. She looked up and smiled at me. I could see that she didn’t want to be there.“You want to take a walk with me? I’ll show you the old mill pond where we swim in the summer.”Emma nodded and got up from her chair. We put on our coats and boots and headed out.It was still snowing as we made our way out to the road. There was about four to five inches of fresh snow since yesterday. It hung on the trees and fences. It truly was a winter wonderland. You couldn’t get views like this in the city.The old mill was about a half mile away. As we walked I saw Emma looking all around. I even think I saw a smile on her face. I felt sorry for her that she didn’t know what the love of a real family felt like.“Do you have a boyfriend, Emma?”“No. I’ve been moving around so much I don’t get a chance to make many friends.”She had such a sad look on her face. I couldn’t look at her for long or I knew I would start to cry. I took her hand in mine and we continued down the road.“Do you have a boyfriend, Molly?”“Yes. His name is Bryan. He lives in Charleston. He’s visiting his parents this week.”“I’m sorry you won’t see him for Christmas.”“That’s okay. I have you this year. We’ll make our own special Christmas together.”She looked up at me and smiled as she squeezed my hand.We finally arrived at the old mill. It had not been used in years. The snow covered wheel and trough made a very pretty winter setting. We sat there for a little while. It was so quiet and serene.Emma didn’t say anything as we walked back to the house. I felt her squeeze my hand every now and then as we walked. I couldn’t imagine growing up moving from place to place, never having a real home. I didn’t speak either. I put my arm around Emma and we walked home.Dinner was fabulous as always. So much delicious food combined with the laughter of the family. I did so love the holidays. I think I even saw Emma smile a few times as we ate.After dinner we all gathered as close to the fireplace as we could. Emma and I shared the comfy old recliner. My grandpa read “The Night Before Christmas” as he had been doing for as long as I can remember. No matter how old I had become, I still loved hearing that story.I heard Emma sniffle. Looking down I saw she had tears in her eyes. I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me. She rested her head on my shoulder as grandpa finished the story.Another cookie and a sip of hot chocolate and I was ready for bed. It was so warm by the fireplace I hated to going upstairs to bed.Emma looked tired as she threw herself across the bottom of the bed. I wondered if she had a bed of her own or how often she had a good nights sleep.“I’m going to take a quick shower before bed.”Emma nodded. “Okay.”As I showered I thought I heard the bathroom door creak open. Being an old house there weren’t many doors you could open without being heard. I listened for a moment then finished my shower.Emma was still lying on the bed when I came out of the bathroom. I had wrapped a towel around me. I dried off by the heater in the corner of the room. The warm air felt nice blowing over my skin.I could see Emma looking at me out of the corner of my eye.“Do you want to shower, Emma?”She looked surprised by my question.“Um, sure.”“Did you bring pj’s?”“I usually just sleep in my sweats.” She said as she slipped into the bathroom.No tonight I thought. I laid out a one of my sleep shirts for Emma. I wasn’t a frilly lingerie type of girl when it came to sleepwear. I just wanted to be warm and comfortable. Most times I just wore one of Bryan’s oversized t-shirts or even one of his long tailed dress shirts to bed.I dried my hair and slipped into the long dress shirt. Emma appeared through the bathroom door. Her hair was sort of all over the place as she tried to dry off while keeping the towel around her.“Let me help you with that.”I dried and brushed her hair. She stood sheepishly in front of me until I finished. It was as though she would be punished if she moved. I wondered what kind of life she had.“All done. Your hair is beautiful.”
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Thanks, Molly.”I handed her one of my new sleepshirts. She seemed hesitant to take it.“This is for you, Emma.”“It’s so soft. You sure it’s okay if I wear this?”“I want you to have it. You can keep it. I have lots of them.”She smiled as though I had given her an expensive gift. I think I even saw a tear form in her one eye. My heart sank for her. I grabbed her and hugged her tight against me. I felt her body trembling as though she was crying.“Which side of the bed do you want?” I asked as I held her close to me.“I thought I was going to sleep on the floor.”“What? No way. It’s me and you tonight Emma. I need someone to keep me warm.”She kind of laughed and pointed to the left side of the bed. We pulled down the covers and crawled in. I reached over and turned off the light. We talked a few minutes, but we were both yawning so we figured it was time to go to sleep.“Good night, Emma.”“Good night, Molly.”The moonlight shone through the window at the far end of the room. It was enough light that I could see a contented smile on Emma’s face. She reached over and put her arm around my waist as she closed her eyes. I smiled to myself as I closed my eyes.I lay awake for a while listening to the gentle sound of Emma’s breathing. This may have been the first time in a very long while she had a warm bed to sleep in. I fell off to sleep with a warm feeling in my heart.I’m not sure what time it was but something woke me. At first I didn’t know what it could have been. But then I felt Emma’s hand caressing my belly through my shirt. I didn’t know if she was awake or asleep. I lay there pretending to be asleep myself while I thought of what I should do.Was she asleep? Did she know what she was doing? I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to wake her if she was asleep. And if she was awake, how would I make her feel if I questioned what she was doing. She has been through enough in her life already.As I lay there wondering what if anything I should do, her hand began to caress me with more intensity. I was paralyzed as to what to do. I lay frozen there in my own bed. I kept my eyes and my mouth closed.Her hand was now moving all over my belly in circular motions. I glanced with one eye to see if she was awake. Her eyes were shut. Maybe she was asleep. Maybe she had no idea of what she was doing. Now what do I do?I gasped a little as I felt her hand slide over my breasts. Surely she was awake and knew what she was doing. I listened. Her breathing sounded the same as before. My breathing was a little deeper now. Still I did nothing.Her hand caressed both my breasts. My nipples were hard against my shirt. If she were awake I knew she would feel them. But is she awake or not? Should I let this go on or should I wake her or stop her? I kept my eyes closed and lay as still as possible.I felt her fingers fumbling with the buttons on my shirt. I wanted to open my eyes and look at her. But I couldn’t. One, then two buttons open. I could feel the cool night air on my chest. My heart began beating faster. She opened a third button.I trembled as I felt the warmth of her hand on my breast. Should I stop her? I didn’t. She began rolling my nipples between her finger tips. I could feel a warm flush come over me. I was becoming aroused by her touch.Emma unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my shirt and pushed it to the side. I was lying there naked. Still I couldn’t bring myself to stop her. Now it was partly because I didn’t want to upset her and partly because I was enjoying it so very much.Her hands continued to caress my breasts and nipples. My breathing was now very deep and fast. I felt myself wanting her to do more. I was anticipating in my mind what she would do next. I smiled at what I was thinking.She threw one leg over mine as her body turned towards me. Another glance at her and I saw her eyes were still closed. Could she actually be sleeping? I didn’t care.Her leg was completely across me. I could feel the warmth and wetness of her pussy against my right thigh. I’ve never felt another woman in that way. I was feeling guilty because she was part of my family even if only through adoption.I began moving my right leg against her warm pussy. Slowly I would slide it up and down against her. She pressed tighter against me as I slid my leg up and down. I closed my eyes tightly and pursed my lips to keep from moaning.As she rubbed her pussy harder against my leg her body turned even more towards me. I felt her warmth breath on my nipple just before her mouth surrounded it and sucked it between her lips.“Mmm.” There was no stopping that moan.I looked down at Emma. Her eyes still tightly closed. Could she still be sleeping?It didn’t matter to me. I put my arms around her head and held her tight to my breasts. She kissed licked and sucked on each one until I thought I would go wild with arousal.My body was trembling now as I fought my orgasm. Emma must have sensed this as she sucked harder on my nipple. I couldn’t hold out any longer. Another loud moan and I felt my juices flowing out of me. I thought I heard her moan as well.My arms fell to my side. I was totally at her mercy now. My resistance was gone. Whether she was awake or asleep didn’t matter anymore. All I knew was that I wanted her to continue to ravage my body in any way she desired.Her body rocked hard and she pressed her pussy against my leg. I felt her warm flow coat my thigh and run down my leg. My hips rose up to meet her body as she had now slid on top of me. With slow caressing kisses I felt her move down my body from my breasts.I parted my legs in anticipation of her arrival. She didn’t disappoint me. Soon her warm lips were caressing my wet pussy just as they had caressed my nipples. Her tongue moved like magic up and down my lips. She was so gentle. Her tongue barely parted my lips as she slid it up and down. I felt gentle puffs of her breath against my warm pussy. She was driving me wild.I slowly pulled the sleepshirt off of her. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her tight against my pulsating pussy. She plunged her tongue deep inside me as my hips rocked up to meet her. My body shook with orgasm after orgasm. I had never felt anything like it before in my life. I was panting to catch my breath as Emma worked her magic on me. My juices were flowing like a river as I was unable to control my orgasms. Emma licked my soaking wet pussy with one long stroke. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. When her tongue finished its slow journey over my quivering pussy, Emma smiled at me. I reached down and gently pulled her upwards to me. Our eyes met, we both smiled. Our lips melted together in a long, slow sensual kiss. I could taste my juices on her lips.We didn't speak. Emma nestled her head on my shoulder as I held her close.“Mmm”. Oh God. That was incredible. Let's see Santa top that gift," I thought to myself as Emma and I snuggled together under the covers.  

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