Busty Mirela Fucked In The Ass And Pussy Has Little Hair

Busty Mirela Fucked In The Ass And Pussy Has Little Hair

“We’ve got fifteen minutes of sun left, people, let’s see some hustle!” Damn, that girl was loud. My ears had grown accustomed to the gale-force winds blowing in from the ocean, and her voice still made me flinch. There were five of us on that beach, all told. Nick was bitching about his werewolf costume, Dan was fumbling with the camera, Andy had given up trying to record usable sound over the unexpected wind, I was doing my absolute best to concentrate on directing the upcoming scene (and not the big-breasted girl changing her clothes in my parents’ minivan)— And then, there was Rachel. Rachel Klein, to be precise. Our producer, and tyrannical leader of the school’s AV Club. Four feet and ten inches of undiluted, badass motherfucker. No makeup (“Fuck that, do you realize how long it takes to put on makeup? I’m adding years onto my lifespan!”), neon blue hair in a high-pony, size 5 steel-toed boots, and razor-sharp glasses. I guess I sort of had a crush on her for a while. Not sure if it was because I was still really insecure around women back then and her super aggressive personality kind of thrilled me, or if it was just because she never wore a bra. Another gust of salty wind blasted us, practically toppling our petite little producer into the sand. “Fuck! Fuck this fucking wind!” I could see that her little tantrum was having an adverse effect on everyone’s morale, so I quietly suggested she tone it down a notch. Rachel didn’t like that— “Listen, Ian, you guys can be happy, or you guys can be miserable, but it doesn’t change the fact that, if we don’t get this shot off in the next fifteen minutes, we will be filming a daytime scene in the dark!” “Okay, okay! I’ll go see if our leading lady is ready yet.” I hurried across the miserable grey beach, cold sand hopping down inside my shoes with each step. The beat-up minivan my parents had recently bequeathed me on my eighteenth birthday was parked not far off, covered with a tarp to protect the modesty of the young lady inside— That tarp blew off as I approached. For a fraction of a second, I caught a glimpse through the windshield of an unbelievably gorgeous body: the nude back of a perfect, hourglass figure, the side of a magnificent breast, hidden teasingly behind a curtain of long blonde hair… With a shriek, Corrine ducked down and covered herself up. “Sorry!” I shouted, averting my eyes and chasing after the damn tarp. “The wind got it, hang on!” By the time I had retrieved that fucking tarp and returned to the van, my beautiful “actress” was already dressed, the brief costume I had picked out from her closet a day earlier hidden beneath a bathrobe to protect her from the wind. “Sorry, Corrine! Sorry! I didn’t see anything!” “Then why apologize?” She smirked knowingly at me and hurried over to where we were shooting on the beach. She was so damn tall, the bathrobe looked almost miniature on her—long, smooth legs exposed up to her ass as she trotted across the sand. I quickly ran my two actors through the scene—a pretty simple “monster chases girl” affair, and then quietly asked Corrine to hand me her robe. Ever the tease, she made a show of fumbling with the knot. I glanced over my shoulder to see Rachel impatiently tapping her watch. Corrine suddenly took my hand and drew it to the belt of her robe, mere inches below the enormous curve of her breasts. “I can’t get it undone, could you do it for me?” I knew she was just playing with me, but we were on a deadline and I didn’t want to listen to any more of Rachel’s bitching, so I said nothing and quickly untied Corrine’s robe. I had to remind my hands to stop shaking like some scared little kid’s as I loosed the knot and watched her robe fall open before my eyes. She was NOT wearing the outfit I had picked out for her. I had picked out the sexiest thing I could find in Corrine’s closet: a low-cut cotton top with bikini panties. She had modeled the outfit for me briefly, and I had been fantasizing about seeing her in it again ever since. I had spent the entirety of last night jerking off to visions of Corrine’s ridiculously large bosom bouncing away in that little cotton top. But I wasn’t exactly disappointed by the surprise. The costume Corrine had decided to wear instead was about a thousand times hotter than anything I could have imagined. I gulped as my brain soaked up the sight before me: The hottest chick I had ever met, dressed in a tiny, white lace nightie that barely covered her amazing chest. The narrow neckline plunged down like a dagger between her unsupported tits, the weightless lace fabric resting gently on her succulent curves. Below the shelf of those world-class breasts, the whiff of fabric became almost transparent, and it cascaded down to past a pair of frilly white thong underwear. This probably sounds crazy, but it almost saddened me, seeing Corrine at that moment. The rest of the world suddenly seemed so much less awesome in comparison. I seriously just wanted to drown myself in her cleavage and die happy. I struggled to find my voice: “You look so—I mean—Th-That’s—“ “Thanks. I figured this would be more memorable.” She was right. I still remember every detail of that nightie, all these years later, but I can’t for the life of me remember why the script I wrote called for her character to be dressed in sleeping clothes, at the beach, in the middle of the day. Go figure. Corrine slid the robe off her shoulders and handed it to me, turning to reveal her slender, nude back and a pair of sexily exposed ass cheeks sashaying beneath the veil of her nightie. A white satin bow sat perched like a bunny tail atop her beautiful butt, dancing with every movement. She headed off to her mark— Nobody else was doing what they were supposed to. Not Dan with the camera, not Andy with the sound, not even Rachel. We were all just staring at Corrine’s unbelievable figure and the meager piece of white lace attempting to conceal it. Rachel unintentionally let out an amorous sigh of desire, revealing more about her personal sexual preferences than she’d probably intended. As soon as the sound escaped her lips, Rachel froze, caught. The rest of us spun towards her in surprise, but she angrily dismissed our inquisitive smiles and waved us back to work. I couldn’t help but notice how Rachel’s nipples were poking through her shirt, hard as rocks. “Okay, I’m recording!” Dan shouted from behind the camera. “You’re supposed to say ‘rolling!’” Rachel insisted. “Er—Rolling! Wolf-Guard, Scene twelve, take one!” I shouted action, and Corrine dutifully took off screaming down the beach. Her huge, bouncing breasts threatened to swing free of that nightie with every step, but somehow her nipples never popped into view. I was just glad to have her bundled robe in my hands—it gave me an easy excuse to conceal my outstanding erection. Suddenly, a gust of wind blasted in from the sea, throwing up a spray of mist and promising to rip the skimpy costume right off Corrine’s body— But she didn’t stop running. She stayed in character the whole time, reflexively hugging her costume against her chest, squashing the bountiful flesh of her boobs beneath her arms. Nick made his entrance as the wolf right on time, everybody hit their marks… “And… cut!” The shot was perfect on our first, and only, take. We finished just as the sun hit the edge of the horizon and the sky turned orange. As Corrine walked back over to me, I could see the moisture of the sea spray clinging to her skin, the lightly damp fabric of her nightie hugging tight to her curves. She shivered, moist breasts jiggling uncontrollably. I tried not to stare at the prominent nipples poking out towards me through the cold wet fabric of her costume. “How did that look?” she asked. “It looked awesome! Baywatch, eat your heart out.” “Literally, in my case. Nick still rips out my heart and eats it at the end of the movie, right?” She was really excited to be in this shitty movie of mine, and I couldn’t be happier. “Thanks for everything, Corrine.” “Oh, pssh, this is so much fun! And call me Corry, everyone else does.” She took the robe from my hands and strolled over towards the water, to watch the sunset. For the few fleeting seconds before she put her robe back on, I saw the shape of her naked body through that lace nightie, silhouetted against the backdrop of the setting sun; saw the outline of her impossibly firm breasts… “I’ll be damned, dude,” Andy whispered to me, “I think she actually likes you.” I dismissed his comment with a wave of my hand. “Yeah, right. A girl like that? And a guy like me? Never gonna happen. NEVER gonna happen.” APRIL, SENIOR YEAR… It was late, I was tired, and I couldn’t stop staring at Corrine’s tits. I was up in her room, helping her prepare for a big upcoming test, and she had decided to repay me by donning that same damn nightie she had worn months ago for her first scene in Wolf-Guard. “If you’re gonna stay up helping me, you may as well enjoy the view,” she’d said. I assured Corrine I would always enjoy the view around her, but I wasn’t exactly going to argue the point. In any case, I’m pretty sure her motive for donning that outfit was significantly less altruistic—she always found my obvious obsession with her breasts wildly entertaining and simply wanted to put on a show. Again, I wasn’t gonna argue. After a couple hours, I didn’t even bother trying to hide my erection anymore. I occasionally caught Corrine’s eyes darting down to make sure I was still painfully hard. When we finally finished studying and I got up to head out, Corrine stopped me at the door, pulling me in for a long, wet, thank-you kiss on the lips. The full weight of her barely covered breasts toppled against my chest. I let out a groan, feeling my hands slide unbidden down her back and across the curve of her ass. “If I didn’t know you better, Corry, I’d think you were trying to seduce me.” She pulled away from me, a sadistically naughty smile on her face. “But you do know me better, don’t you?” I let out a long, exasperated sigh and nodded. “Well enough to know you’re just teasing.” Corrine faltered a bit from the disappointment in my voice. She looked me in the eyes and asked, “But you like it, right?” “Yeah,” I grumbled, “I like it.” Once I was back in my car, I took a series of deep breaths, trying to get my brain cogent enough for a safe drive home. Truth was, I DIDN’T like it anymore. Up until a couple months ago, Corrine’s incessant, good-natured teasing had been fun and exciting for me. I had been a hopeless virgin, and that teasing had been the highlight of my every day. I went to bed every night with fresh memories of her huge, tantalizing tits waving in my face. I had jerked off to fantasies of Corrine’s body more times than I could count. But I wasn’t that same guy anymore. I’d buried myself to the hilt between Talia’s warm legs. I’d showered my semen across Elizabeth and Stephanie’s beautiful bare breasts. And I’d watched my reflection in the changing room mirror as my cock brought Amy to an angry, animal climax. After all that, I no longer saw Corrine as untouchable. She’d stopped intimidating me the way she used to. Her over-the-top teasing had gone from wildly arousing to maddeningly frustrating. I didn’t just want to fantasize about Corrine anymore. I was over that. I legitimately wanted to fuck her, to pin her to the bed and drive myself inside her with a year’s worth of pent-up desire. By the time I got home, I was way overdue for sleep. I collapsed onto my bed fully-clothed, but as soon as I closed my eyes, a highlight reel of Corrine’s tits started playing in my head: Every skimpy top she ever wore to cover them up, the way they would bounce a little bit each time she laughed, and that one moment, all those weeks ago, when Talia had peeled off Corrine’s bikini top and finally bared those glorious melons to me for the first and only time. My fist grasped hold of my achingly hard cock, dying for some release… But with an angry sigh I changed my mind. I didn’t want to do that tonight. Not yet. I was still saving up for my next encounter with Amy. Amy showed up for school the next day dressed in a dark green baby tee that exposed her toned midriff and skintight cutoff shorts. She was also wearing makeup for maybe the third time in her life, and her eyes looked absolutely stunning. Soon as she saw me, Amy happily pressed her sexy body against mine for a hug, then grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face to hers for a long, hot kiss in full view of everyone passing by. It had been four whole days since I’d fucked Amy at the mall, and cruel fate hadn’t given us another opportunity to be alone together since. But I saw a twinkle in her eyes as she finished kissing me, and she pressed her soft lips to my ear, whispering: “My dad’s working late tonight. What do you say we go by my place after school today and you can fuck me for hours and hours?” I grinned at the prospect: We would have total privacy to do all the wonderful things our horny teenage minds could think up. I couldn’t wait for the school day to end. Amy gave my ear a nibble and pulled away—which is when I noticed Elizabeth standing nearby, watching us with wide eyes. I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of her reaction. The fact that Amy and I had hooked up wasn’t a secret to any of our friends, Elizabeth included, and I couldn’t understand why our public display of affection four days later would weird her out so much. “Hey Liz, you okay?” I asked. “Yeah! Yeah, just—thinking about something.” She trotted off, red in the face. Amy rolled her eyes, but I chased after Elizabeth— “Liz! Hey, Liz!” She disappeared into the girls’ bathroom. I hesitated to follow, but then my brain reminded me: It’s not like there’s an electrified wire fence keeping you out, jackass. Just a picture of a stick figure in a dress. So I went in. Elizabeth looked up at me in surprise as I approached. Thankfully, we had the place to ourselves for the moment. I put a reassuring hand on her shoulder— “Sweetie, what is going on?” “Nothing, I’m just being dumb.” I pulled Elizabeth to me in a bear hug and planted a kiss on her forehead. “You’re not being dumb, something’s upsetting you. Is it me and Amy?” “No! I mean, not really. It’s everybody. Every time I see Steph now, she’s with Simon, and they’re all cutesy at each other. And then I see you and Amy together, and Talia and Rachel—“ “Liz, Amy and I aren’t exactly—Wait, Talia and Rachel?” Elizabeth raised a confused eyebrow for a moment, then suddenly remembered, “Oh, that’s right, you weren’t there at the party last night! Talia made out with Rachel Klein and they’re together now. I saw them holding hands during passing period this morning, it was adorable.” She muttered the word “adorable” with just a hint of venom in her voice. I choked on a laugh, in spite of myself. Liz gave me a look, but I quickly assured her, “No, it’s not you, it’s just funny how things turn out sometimes. At the start of this year I sort of had a crush on Rachel.” That made Elizabeth laugh, too. “Seriously? Ian, she’s like the most cliché, obvious lesbian ever.” I just shrugged, “People see things the way we want them to be.” “I don’t. I always see the worst possible outcome to any situation.” “And yet somehow you’re the warmest, sweetest, kindest person I’ve ever met.” Her lovely green eyes met mine for an unexpectedly long moment, but she finally shrugged me off. “I just feel left out, seeing all these couples everywhere.” I sighed, “Liz, Amy and I aren’t a ‘couple.’ She made that abundantly clear to me. Five minutes after we hooked up, Amy said, ‘Just to be clear, you aren’t my boyfriend. I don’t have boyfriends. I have guys I fuck more than once.’” “That’s Amy, alright,” Elizabeth laughed. “She’s such a guy.” “Well… not all of her.” Liz rolled her eyes and we hurried off to class. Later that day, Rachel Klein had lunch with our group for the first time, and I was blown away by just how un-Rachel-like she behaved. She actually gave me a hug hello; the Rachel that produced Wolf-Guard would never have given me a hug hello. Her drastic change in demeanor was a complete mystery to me for about fifteen minutes, until Rachel explained how, in the intervening months, she had discovered the mellowing properties of marijuana and become a far more palatable human being. Apparently, its medicinal uses extend to curing “kind of a bitch.” Elizabeth was right: Rachel and Talia were adorable together. I couldn’t remember ever seeing Talia so affectionate with anyone, despite the fact that she’d only been with her new girlfriend for a day. She looked at Rachel with all the giddiness of a first crush. When our lunch break came to an end, I watched with more than a little fascination as the two beautiful young women pressed their lips together for a long, sensual, goodbye kiss. As they drew apart, Rachel teased the tip of tip of her tongue along the edge of Talia’s lower lip. I couldn’t help but entertain a very typical male fantasy… Amy and I skipped our typical after-school workout, expecting to get plenty of exercise once we got to her place. Still, my feisty redheaded friend and I were so eager to get down to business that we couldn’t help but run the last half mile or so. We barely made it inside the front door before clothes started coming off. Amy grabbed a fistful of my T-shirt and yanked me through the threshold, slamming the door behind us with a balletic sweep of her toned leg. Our bodies crashed together and I gave her hair a quick tug, tilting her face up towards mine for a fierce kiss on the lips. She rubbed my cock through my jeans as I unzipped her cutoffs and peeled them down off her hips, never taking my mouth from hers. Impatient, I clapped my hands against her buttocks, covered only by a thin white pair of cotton briefs, and squeezed. It didn’t matter how many times I held Amy’s ass in my hands—I would never get used to just how amazingly firm it felt. “Mmm… upstairs,” she breathed, then turned and ascended the steps, tugging me along by my belt like an obedient pet. She climbed each step with agonizing slowness, purposefully waving her hips back and forth in my face as we went, her delicious round ass stretching out those cotton panties— I couldn’t wait one second longer. I had to get us upstairs RIGHT NOW. I raised my hand up between Amy’s legs to cup her twat against my palm, pushing slightly to urge her upwards. She yelped in surprise, but playfully fought back, slowing us down even more. The fabric of her panties was completely soaked through with her desire, and I could feel every detail of her hot pussy against my hand. It was driving me crazy with lust. I lifted my hand into her crotch more forcefully, demanding she keep going. Amy’s hormones must have overpowered her competitive nature, because she finally relented and hurried upstairs on quivering legs, her face flushed red with desire. I kept my palm firmly pressed against her wetness the whole time. When we finally reached the upstairs hallway, I grabbed hold of Amy’s panties and peeled them down off her butt, marveling at how much smaller they looked when they weren’t stretched out around the globes of her perfect ass. She stumbled as I did this, toppling to the carpeted floor, fiery hair spilling across her face. She panted, the strands of hair covering her face wafting with every breath. As Amy lay there on her back, her smooth-shaven pussy glistened at me—an invitation I could not pass up. I dove in between her legs, and hungrily sucked her slick lips into my mouth. “Oh fuck!” Amy screamed as I continued my assault, pushing the length of my tongue into her slit. I felt her thighs wrap around me, her ankles locking together behind my head to pull my hungry mouth tighter against her core. God, I love going down on girls. I grabbed onto her thighs for dear life as I shook my head back and forth, tonguing her clit as I went— “Fuck, Ian, I’m already so close!” She propped herself on her hands and arched her back, thrusting her pelvis against me; ferociously humping my face. My hands found her elevated butt cheeks and squeezed them to support her weight, feeling the muscles tighten with her every thrust. I latched my mouth around her clit and sucked as hard as I can, slathering it with my tongue in vacuum— “Oh fuck—Oh fuck—Ohhhh!” The girl was a climaxing machine. She kept me prisoner; her legs clamped around my head as she screamed out my name for minute after minute. When she finally let me go, my tongue could barely move. Never had THAT happen before. After witnessing the ferocity of Amy’s orgasm, I was about a millimeter and a half away from coming myself. Still recovering, my gorgeous friend crawled towards me, pushing me onto my back with a touch of her finger. With infinite tenderness, she undid my belt and lowered my painfully uncomfortable jeans. Her palm rested soothingly atop the erection straining my boxers, holding it steady until I was accustomed to the feel of her hand against me. Smiling, she dragged my boxers down as well, her eyes widening in delight at the sight of my throbbing penis. “I love cocks so much,” she cooed, “I just don’t understand the girls who think they’re weird. They’re like the awesomest things in the universe.” I sat paralyzed as she reached her fingertips towards me, only to stop just before making contact. Instead, Amy leaned in and gently breathed warm air across the sensitive skin, making my already hard member jolt upright at extreme attention. “Your cock is absolutely beautiful. It’s like the perfect shape.” With that, she grasped hold of me with her fingers and lovingly touched the head of my cock against her soft cheek, relishing the naughty feel of it. I sucked in air, trying to keep my climax at bay. It felt like I had a thirty megaton time bomb about to explode in her face. She lowered her head, letting her lips brush ever so slightly along the length of my shaft until her mouth was pressed against the warmth of my balls. She took a naughty nibble on my scrotum, gently tugging the sensitive skin with her teeth. I moaned uncontrollably. We both knew I was close. Amy lifted her head, drawing her wet tongue up along my cock with slow, purposeful strokes. She gently clamped her teeth around the skin of my shaft and tugged that as well, sending a lightning storm of excitement through my whole body. Then, finally, she reached the tip of my penis and delicately grazed her teeth along the smooth dome of my cockhead as she took me into her small mouth— And kept going. I watched in amazement as inch after inch slowly disappeared between the soft wet lips stretched around my width. “Holy crap, Amy! How did—how did you—“ Then she sucked in her cheeks and I was in heaven. Amy slowly withdrew, exposing my glistening penis as she went. I would have given anything at that moment if she would just let me come… Then, all of a sudden, she went totally wild, bobbing up and down crazily, gliding her wiggling tongue along my length as she went. Her fingers latched onto my balls and I exploded into her mouth, over and over again, my boiling semen splashing against the inside of her cheek. My cock was still half-hard when she pulled off her mouth with a plop. “You had a lot in you,” she giggled. We retired to Amy’s bedroom and she put her prized porno in the VCR. With the “actors” providing atmospheric groaning in the background, I pulled Amy’s mini-T over her head and drank in the sight of her athletic body on that frilly pink bed, completely naked except for the simple white bra concealing her nice, ripe tits. And those white cotton socks. She pushed out her chest towards me, offering herself up to my hungry gaze. I slipped the bra straps off her shoulders, watching as the swell of her lightly freckled breasts bulged out above the cups. My fingers traced along the line of Amy’s bra, daringly darting inside to tease her nipples. I had a little trouble with the clasp in the back, but my efforts were well rewarded when Amy’s luscious tits bounced unobstructed into view. I immediately put them in my mouth. She threw her head back in ecstasy, tossing her mane of wild red hair with it. I sucked and suckled, exploring the texture of her nipples with my tongue. She panted like an a
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nimal, the sound bringing my recently relieved cock back to a respectable hardness. “You can—use your teeth a little—if you want to…” she muttered, almost incoherent. I honestly hadn’t been thinking about that, but her tone sounded more like a plea than anything. I placed one of her erect nipples into my mouth and ever so gently bit down. Amy shuddered from the intensity, her eyes scrunched shut, her stomach muscles clenched tight. I briefly replaced the firmness of my teeth on her nipple with the softness of my tongue—then bit down again to remind her I was there. “Oh!” she gasped in shock. I was already hard as a rock. Amy must’ve felt it poking into her thigh because she quickly grabbed hold of me and began rubbing my tip along the edge of her smooth cunt while I sucked on her breasts. I promptly switched my mouth to her other nipple and gently bit down on it. She spasmed beneath my body and firmly pressed my erection against the nub of her engorged clit. My cock was getting soaked in her juices down there. She whimpered beautifully, “Now.” I maneuvered my weight onto my hands as I pushed inside of Amy, feeling her body welcome me in, squeezing like a glove. Our hips rolled together in an easy rhythm and I watched with delight as the flesh of Amy’s breasts bounced and shuddered beneath me with every thrust. We paced ourselves, enjoying the vibe as we casually went at it, our moans of pleasure mixing with the moans coming from Amy’s small TV. “You enjoying yourself?” she asked, scraping her fingernails across my nipples. “Oh, Hell yes.” I grabbed her tits for leverage as I shoved my cock back inside of her. “Hey Amy, you wanna do it with me behind you?” She nodded excitedly. I withdrew my length from her lithe body and flipped Amy onto her stomach. She swung her legs off the side of the bed, presenting me with a spectacular view of her butt. I hopped off the bed and took up position behind her, making sure to run my hands down her slender back and across those beautiful, toned ass cheeks. I even gave her a nice, firm smack for good measure. Then Amy did something only Amy could do: she lifted her legs up and to the sides, spreading out along the edge of the bed in a perfect split. She arched her back, glancing over her shoulder at me with a daring look in her eyes. This girl was amazing. My hot, slick erection slid across the curve of her buttocks until the tip was aligned with her opening—then I entered her from behind in a single, smooth thrust. “Ohhh…” It wasn’t exactly the most comfortable sex position I’ve ever been in, but oh man, the view was something else: red hair cascading down Amy’s back, her green eyes flashing at me, my pelvis bouncing eagerly against the cushion of her ass. Amy’s toes curled in pleasure as she let out a low, hungry growl. I grabbed hold of her shapely thighs as I built up speed, pounding harder and harder until I could see the impact of my thrusts sending ripples across her skin. The side of a single, beautiful breast swung in and out of my field of vision—taunting me—until I couldn’t bear it anymore— My hands released their grip on her thighs and snapped forward, squeezing at her tits with wild abandon. Amy and I shouted out strings of blissful obscenities, each of us trying to scream louder than the other as I fucked her from behind and roughly groped her breasts. Then, all of a sudden, Amy got very quiet; almost zen-like. She whimpered quietly, her eyes scrunched shut as a pending, massive orgasm built inside of her. Such a sexy sound… I felt a familiar tightness in my balls and knew that neither of us was long for this world. Amy’s jaw went slack, unconsciously bracing herself for the shockwave of pleasure about to explode through her body— I threw myself atop Amy and pinned her to the bed, my bodyweight driving her clit down hard against the friction of her frilly pink bedspread as my hips bucked desperately against her ass— A shockwave of pleasure rolled between the two of us that just wouldn’t stop. We came. And came. And came. And came. And then we heard the front door open downstairs. “What the—Amy?!” her dad’s angry, terrifying voice echoed through the whole house. I hurriedly pulled out of Amy and she spun around, eyes wide in fright. The one thing on earth that spooked Amy was her dad’s temper. We were fucked. That’s all there was to it. Our clothes were scattered in a trail up the stairs and into her bedroom. We couldn’t get dressed, even if we wanted to. Our amazing, blissful fuck session from five seconds ago was instantly forgotten. In a blind, irrational panic, Amy suggested, “You could go out the window! There’s a tree—“ She pulled back her curtains, revealing a backyard with a feeble, distant oak tree that taunted me with visions of a shattered spine. “Amy, I’d die. And I’m naked. So I’d die naked. I don’t want to die naked.” We suddenly heard Amy’s dad stomping up the staircase outside. Amy sprung to her feet, crossed the room in a blur, and slammed the door shut. “Just a minute, dad!” Outside, her dad must have started coming to his senses, because we heard the thunderous footsteps come to a halt at the top of the stairs. After a long, quiet moment, Amy’s dad muttered, “Goddammit, Amy,” and then turned back downstairs and out the front door, slamming it behind him. Amy let out a long sigh and slumped naked onto her bed, visibly shaken by the near confrontation. I’d never seen her so scared before. “It’ll be okay,” I offered, “Just a little awkward. It’s not like he thinks you’re still a virgin or anything.” Amy tried to fight it with everything she had, but nonetheless tears welled up in her eyes. “Not in this house!” she snapped. “He said never in his house! It was really important to him. I just never thought that he’d…” Her voice broke, prompting the girl to stop talking lest she break down into sobs. I hugged Amy close, something I had never been inclined to do before in my entire life. The girl NEVER cried. “He’s just being a dad,” I whispered, “He doesn’t want to think about his little girl turning into a woman. That’s all it is. Just a little awkwardness.” She shook her head against my shoulder. “He used to be so proud of me, came to every single game—but ever since I started having sex with guys he just acts so ashamed of me. He wanted me to wait until I was married. It’s bullshit! If I was a boy, he’d be all proud that I was getting laid. It’s like he expects me to be two different things!” I ran my fingers through her long, red hair, letting her calm down in her own time. After a long while, she finally regained her composure: “I can’t believe I’m fucking crying! What the hell is wrong with me?” There was the old Amy, again. I couldn’t help but smile. “Nothing is wrong with you, Amy. Your dad’s still parenting in first gear, and he needs to shift to third. You’re just being you.” She nodded, moving away from me to retrieve her bra. We both got dressed in silence. Amy suggested I head out before her dad got back, and I reluctantly agreed that it was probably for the best. The two of them needed to have a long, uncomfortable talk about some things. I walked home half worried that Amy’s dad was gonna pop out of the bushes and Rodney King my ass into the pavement. But it was not to be. In fact, the next time I did see Amy’s dad, he was actually pretty cool towards me. Go figure. I guess the two of them managed to work out the awkwardness after I’d left. Still, I was so distracted by the events of the day that I almost missed the big envelope waiting for me when I got home. It wasn’t until I saw the crazed, excited look in my mom’s eyes that it even registered what the thing was. I had been accepted into my first choice for college: MIT. It was a huge moment for me, and for my family. A huge relief, calling for a huge celebration. This news was going to affect the rest of my life. But the only thing that popped into my head upon reading my acceptance letter was the realization that, after this summer, my friendship with the girls would be over. Sure, we would stay in touch as best we could. But I would be on the other side of the country, and this was before we all had cell phones, or Facebook, or even MySpace. My ridiculous social life with my amazing friends was going to turn into an anecdote that nobody at college would even believe. How had I not thought about this before? I mean, I had thought about it before, but it had never felt real. It wasn’t until I actually saw my MIT letter that it suddenly became the awful truth. I put on a happy face for my parents, but deep down I just felt sick. As the week went on, the others got their letters of acceptance as well. Talia and Rachel, as luck would have it, were both going to UC Berkeley (in spite of Talia’s inability to pay attention for more than four seconds, she had maintained a four point average). Amy was bound for USC on an athletic scholarship, Elizabeth would be attending San Francisco state, and Stephanie was headed for some liberal arts school near Seattle. Both Corrine and Simon were staying in our hometown to attend the local JC. It was a sobering couple of days. And it was about to get worse. After school Friday, I went over to Talia’s house to do some studying—only to find Talia furiously pacing back and forth in her room, red in the face. “Uh, you okay?” I asked. “That bitch!” Talia shouted in response, “I can’t believe she would do that to me!” “Who, Rachel?” “No, Corrine! She’s dating Steve! MY Steve!” Talia hurled a pillow against the wall in frustration. “Is it such a big deal?” I asked, “I mean, you dumped him.” Talia wheeled to face me, snarling, “That’s not the point! I mean, sure, it’s kind of whorish for her to do this kind of thing to her friend, but I can get over Corry dating my ex. Any other ex would be fine. But Steve is a huge motherfucking asshole who I hate and he doesn’t deserve to live. How am I supposed to be friends with Corry when I know she’s dating a douchey, poseur, wannabe tough-guy, lying, cheating bastard? I mean, did she learn nothing from my mistake?” I shrugged, knowing better than to interrupt Talia mid-rant. She stomped around her room for the rest of the afternoon, recounting for me non-stop each of Steve’s myriad offenses to the human race: His snide misogyny, his infidelity, and his full-of-shit “drug dealer” persona (turns out Steve was actually just a spoiled rich guy who lived with his parents and sold weed in order to feel tough). I shook my head, overwhelmed. “Remind me again why you ever dated this guy?” Talia’s eyes avoided mine, and she hurriedly muttered under her breath, “Because he was sexy and confident and I fell for the whole ‘I’m so mysterious and dangerous’ thing even though it turned out to be a complete lie. And he let me drive his Porsche sometimes.” I rolled my eyes in response, and Talia threw up her hands in defeat: “I know, I know! But what are we going to do, Ian? This is gonna tear me and Corry apart. I can’t be around that guy again.” I put a hand on Talia’s shoulder and assured her, “Nothing like that will happen, Tal. Nothing weird happened to us all when you were dating this guy, right? So Corrine is going out on one date with your repulsive ex-boyfriend, doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing him around everywhere.” I was wrong. For the next week, Steve started tagging along every time our group got together. He even swung by our high school during lunch to eat with all of us. It wasn’t long before we all got more than our fill of his unique “charm.” I admit, maybe my perception of the guy was colored by my jealousy of the fact that he got to date Corrine, but I’ve never wanted to strangle another human being so badly in my life, not even the thugs who’d put me in the hospital a month and a half ago. AND WHY DIDN’T HE OWN ANYTHING WITH FUCKING SLEEVES?! I mean, I get that any guy with arms like Vin Diesel wants to show them off, but come on. We all did our best to be civil, but one-by-one the rest of the group just started refusing to go anywhere if Steve was coming along. Talia went first, as expected, but later that very same day, Stephanie and Simon left after the fiftieth time Steve tried imitating Simon with a racist accent. Elizabeth followed after her BFF, and Amy lasted about two more days before she finally snapped and got up in Steve’s face, calling him on his bullshit, imploring Corrine to ditch the loser if she ever wanted to see any of us again, then walking off—leaving me alone with Corrine and her outstanding choice of a boyfriend. Despite feeling like a third wheel, I tried to stay in the hopes that maybe I could find something I actually liked about Steve. Maybe I could split my time between Corrine and the others? The thought of losing Corrine as a friend was apocalyptic to me; there was no person on earth who could make me laugh as happily and as easily as that girl. But even I refused to hang around after Steve started honking Corrine’s tits in front of me. She laughed at his goofy horseplay, but I saw the snide look on Steve’s face each time he groped her, and I knew he was just doing it to taunt me. It was as if he was saying yeah, that’s right, these puppies are all mine. I walked away wondering how in the hell Corrine could date a guy like that. I hated to admit it, but I lost a lot of respect for my friend. Things turned frustrating for all of us. Corrine was an essential part of our group, and things just were not the same without her. For a few days, Steve and Corrine were all any of us could talk about, but then it just became too depressing a topic. Corrine’s absence became the proverbial elephant in the room. Ironically, with the turn in mood came a turn in the weather, and the scorching spring heat wave gave way to a freak non-stop torrential downpour that blew in from South America. It seemed appropriate to me, having lost one of my best friends to some jackass in a muscle shirt. For almost my entire senior year, I had hung out with Corrine non-stop. I’d considered her my good friend before I even knew any of the other girls. Her sudden departure from my life was unbearable; it nagged me constantly, the social equivalent of a phantom limb. I started making an extra effort to meet with Corrine between classes, when Steve would not be around. She appreciated the effort, and I became her one link to the others. It wasn’t much, I guess, but it was better than no Corrine at all. One rainy day, Corrine came up to me after the final bell and asked if I could help her study for an economics test. It was a simple request, one that she had made countless times during our friendship, and one that I was always more than willing to fulfill. But there was something about the way she asked me, an unmistakable tremor in her voice, that gave me pause. Still, she was my friend, and she was asking for help. It was raining pretty miserably, and neither of us had access to our cars that day, so Corrine and I ran all the way to her house. Male that I am, I couldn’t help but admire the way my companion’s tee shirt soaked all the way through, nor the way her enormous breasts bounced as she ran. The dark material wasn’t exactly transparent, but it clung to her shape like paint. Halfway there, the merciless rain became merciless hail, and with a combination of screams and laughter we both doubled our speed until we were safely inside Corrine’s home. Once our laughter died out, Corrine excused herself to take a quick shower, and suggested I do the same in her family’s spare bathroom. The warm water felt great, but just as I was about to switch it off I heard the bathroom door slide open. Through the beveled glass I could just make out the blurry blond image of Corrine striding into the room. I reflexively covered up my crotch, shouting out: “What are you doing?!” She giggled a bit at my discomfort from the other side of the glass. “You don’t need to cover up, silly, we can’t see anything through this glass. See?” To prove her point, she spread her arms and dropped her bath towel to the ground. Even through the blur of the glass, I could still make out the shape of her amazing nude body. No amount of beveling could obscure the swell of her epic tits. I swallowed, feeling my dick swing up to attention in the blink of an eye. “You were taking too long to shower,” Corrine continued, “I was getting bored. So I figured I’d come in here and we could hang out while you finished.” I groaned, hating that she could do this to me. That she had this kind of control over me just because of the way she looked. “Is it frustrating being on the other side of that door, Ian? You know I’m naked right now. If you opened that door, you could see every detail of my naked body. Not just this blurry shape. You could see ME. You could even pretend like it was an accident. Bump it with your elbow or something, then act all surprised. But you’re too much of a gentleman to try something like that, aren’t you?” She had planned this whole thing. I could tell by the way she was talking that she had actually rehearsed her words. But why? “What are you doing, Cor? This is some pretty extreme teasing, even for you.” Soon as the words came out of my mouth, Corrine strolled up to the shower door and pressed her heavy, naked breasts against the glass with an audible thunk. My breath caught and my heart skipped a beat. My hand automatically grabbed hold of my hot, wet erection. Oh my God. Smashed directly up against the shower door, Corrine’s breasts were barely even obscured. The abundance of soft, smooth flesh splashed out incredibly, with the pink of her nipples visible at the center. “How does that look?” she asked. “Um. Good.” My brain wasn’t really functioning. “Press your dick up against the glass, I want to see it.” I obeyed, shuddering at the realization that the only thing between our naked bodies at that moment was a pane of glass. From a visual standpoint, it was incredible. It looked like I was pressing my cock against Corrine’s smooth stomach, inches below the splash of her incredible breasts. Physically, it just felt like I was fucking a shower door. And emotionally, I was just confused. Corrine was with Steve—unless they’d broken up or something—and in the meantime, nothing had happened between she and I that would have changed the status quo of our friendship. I didn’t want to jinx it, but I had to know: “Corry, I don’t understand what’s going on.” “What’s going on is… I’m gonna give you a blowjob.” She opened the shower and stepped inside with me. The reality of Corrine’s naked body outdid all of my fantasies. It wasn’t just her intimidating height, those enormous, bulging breasts the size of my head, or her perfect, playmate figure—it was the million other details I had never thought of. The smell of her shampoo, the smoothness of her skin against my fingers, the sound of her breathing, the warm crush of her chest against mine beneath the hot spray of the shower— And the way my hard cock pressed against the wet blonde fuzz on her crotch as we embraced. It was everything I wanted, and more—but somehow, it was all wrong. Everything was too rushed; too strange. Corrine’s sudden behavior made no sense. I had barely even gotten a chance to look at her—to drink in the sight of her glorious nudity—before she was pressed against me. She playfully kissed me on the lips, sending my head completely out of orbit. “Now sit down and let me give this a try.” I obeyed, eager to receive her affections, whatever the reason. I planted my naked ass onto the edge of the tub and watched with delight as the subject of so many fantasies lowered herself between my legs, water dripping from her nipples as they slid down the skin of my thighs. Long blonde hair fell wet over her shoulders as she examined my cock up close. God, I wanted this so much… but it just wasn’t adding up. “Why—are you doing this?” I managed to say through staggered breaths. Corrine just smiled, running a fingertip up the length of my cock to keep me on edge. “Steve and I have been together for almost two weeks, now, and he expects things to go to the next level. Since I had such a bad experience doing this the last time I tried it, I figured I would get some practice on you.” Wait—but— Corrine massaged my balls between her fingers. “Just like we talked about at your pool party, remember? You could give me some pointers.” It took a second, but my brain managed to process this information one second before Corrine’s tongue was going to make contact with my shaft. And, for some reason, I moved away before she could. “No,” I stated, though my furious, throbbing cock clearly disagreed with me. “No? ‘No’ what?” Corrine cocked her head to the side, thinking she’d misheard me. “Just, ‘No, I don’t want it to be like this.” All the warmth drained from Corrine’s face. She recoiled, immediately covering her nakedness with her arms. I got up and walked out of the shower, hopping back into the cold, wet clothes I had left sitting on the bathroom floor. Once the shock of my rejection had worn off, Corrine charged out of the shower after me, hurriedly covering up with a towel. “Why not?!” she demanded, her eyes filled with hurt and confusion. “I’m not some toy for you to play with.” “But, you let all the other girls mess around with you.” “Because the other girls wanted ME!” I shot back, “They may not have wanted to be my girlfriend, but they all still wanted to be with me. I wasn’t just a practice dummy while they fantasized about their asshole boyfriend.” “Steve is not an asshole! Everybody else is just taking Talia’s side, and it’s totally unfair to me.” “Nobody is taking Talia’s side, Corry. Steve is a big, fucking asshole, and you deserve better.” “I ‘deserve better?’ Like who? Like you? Should I just follow along with everyone else and join Ian’s harem?!” She was crying by this point, but I refused to back down. “No—what? I don’t have a harem, Corrine. What the hell are you even talking about?” “That’s what it feels like! These past few weeks, everybody’s getting in line to fuck Ian. ‘When’s Corrine gonna do it?’ Like I’m supposed to fuck the unattractive nerdy guy just because my friends did.” “Oh, fuck you, Corrine. Now you’re just being a bitch.” There was a long, cold break in the argument while Corrine looked at me with pain in her eyes. She finally waved a dismissive hand and muttered, “You’re just jealous of Steve.” I picked up my backpack and headed for the door. “You’re right. I am jealous of Steve. I’m jealous of every guy who’s ever so much as touched you, Corry. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s not the right guy for you. And when you realize that, your real friends will be waiting for you.” I opened the door and headed back out into the cold shower of hail. Still clad in her bath towel, Corrine shouted after me: “Like that even matters! In another four months, you’ll all be going off to college, and I’ll be stuck here, and we’ll never see each other again! I’m gonna need new friends, anyway!” I kept walking until I couldn’t hear her anymore. What the Hell, Ian?! My brain and penis were again at war with each other. I was furious, hurt, and frustrated—and yet I still couldn’t manage to get my damn erection to go down despite the chill of the weather. I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore. Nothing made sense. The world was upside down. I wanted my friends back. Back the way we were. A twist in my stomach longed for more innocent times of us all teasing and chatting into the night. But I also wanted so much more from those girls—I wanted their lust, their passion, and their beautiful bodies all to myself. And, in a few months’ time, I wouldn’t have them at all. The fresh memory of Corrine’s hot, naked tits tortured me as I walked home through that hail. I couldn’t help but flash back to the conversation I’d had with my friend Andy, when Corrine and I were filming Wolf Guard all those months ago: “I’ll be damned, dude,” he had whispered to me, “I think she actually likes you.” “Yeah, right. A girl like that? And a guy like me? Never gonna happen. NEVER gonna happen.” And now those words seemed truer than ever. I would never have Corrine. Not in the way I wanted. It was never gonna happen. Except it did.

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